Confession time:

With my absence from the WordPress space, I’ve turned into what the natural hair community calls a “lazy-natural”.  Actually, ever since my big chop, it’s gone downhill for me.

My hair being shorter got me to relax (not the creamy crack) and let go and I realised that I was probably doing too much anyway.  I found myself looking, in disbelief, at all my products and all the Randellas (money) I’ve wasted.  Yes, like most new naturals, I found myself wanting to try almost everything and every product and turned into a bit of a product junkie.  I’m still psyching myself up to give away some of the products, but I might even be open to doing a product swap with a fellow blogger.

When my hair was a bit longer during my transition, I couldn’t get away with much.  Now I am literally getting away with murder. For example, I often risk it and sleep without a satin scarf/pillow case.  When I wake up, I just spritz my hair with water and glycerin, fluff up my crown and by the time I get to office, my hair is dry and my coils are cute.  I’ve neglected some of the basics but a few ladies that I follow on my Instagram have helped me get back my focus and I thought it would be cool to give them some credit in this #HairSpo post.


Disclaimer: All images are screenshots from their Instagram accounts.


Chrisette Michelle

I posted the image on the left on my Instagram in October 2014.  I knew then that I had to try this look for myself.  That day is still to come.




I love her YouTube channel.  It was one of the first ones that I stumbled on when I first started to care for my own hair.  Her tips and information helped me to get through my transition.  Her videos are factual and informative.  One can see that she takes the time out to put proper effort and well researched content into them and I enjoy them.



This Kenyan beauty’s tapered cut gave me the nudge to just go get a proper chop.  The way she confidently rocks and has fun with different looks gives me life.  She really is cuteness and all kinds of #HairSpo for me.



Did someone say #HairTwin?

I feel like her hair resembles mine the most.  It’s kinky, it’s rich, it’s coily, it’s all African magic.  I love it.



Gorgeous Mafia

She has fun with her hair.  From clip ins to wigs and weaves.  Reminds me a lot of myself.  It was through her that I got to know some of the local hair care brands and I haven’t looked back since.  She also blogs here.


All these ladies and many others have me in awe of what our hair is capable of. Some things that I never imagined.


I am back and plan to embrace every part of my hair, even the lazy periods.


Pops 🙂


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