Detangle or Risk Damage

As part of my 90 day challenge, I decided to get box braids for the last 60 days. They looked cute and all was going well. Eventually I decided that enough was enough and it was time for the braids to come off. This was at around 8pm on a Sunday evening.

I started to get my braids off, one braid at a time.  I did my coconut oil pre-poo and followed with my favourite Repairing & Strengthening Treatment by AfroBonatics which I absolutely ❤

And then it was time to detangle…

I underestimated how tangled my hair would be and how long it would take me to detangle.  I was so tired and sleepy that I decided to take a short cut. BIGGEST. MISTAKE. EVER!! And a week later when I was doing my deep condition, I paid a heavy price for the short cuts😣


Not only was it painful to detangle properly, but I also lost some good length that I gained from the 90 day challenge.  Some of my healthy hairs died with the knots that came out and I have nobody but myself to blame.


As I was washing my hair I was even thinking “I don’t have the patience for this hair… Maybe this hair is just not for me…” obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly.  When I realised how much damage I had done, I almost cried.  I had to take some pictures so that I can remember what I did to my beautiful hair.

Lessons Learned:
1. Take your time… Rushing will lead to bad decisions that will cost you your hair. Do your hair on a day when you don’t have other plans. Start early in the day and take your time.

2. Get and use the right tools.  A good conditioner with great slip and a good detangling brush/comb should help the process.

I do have regrets, but what’s done is done and I know better now.

I promise I’ll be patient next time.  I promise I’ll take my time.  I promise I’ll do things right.  I promise I’ll be good to my hair.

…Detangle or Damage…



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