Body Transformation

Level 10

The initial intent of my blog was to document my transformations and motivate myself.  I have been doing well with the hair updates as I transition back to my natural and healthy hair (I can do better and I will do better) but I haven’t touched the fitness side of my page.

This is officially my first post on the fitness side, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

In an attempt to be the best version of me (aka drop a dress size or two) I am doing a 90 day Body Transformation Challenge

This started on the 15th of March 2016 so I’m already in the second week.

I am a Herbalife Wellness Coach and I’m very excited to work hard and see my results as well as those of my clients.

The plan for the 90 days involves:

  • A clean eating balanced meal plan
  • A balanced training plan
  • Me providing 100% motivation & support to my clients
  • Working hard towards our results

See me on Instagram on @iMphoPops





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