Goodbye my Friend


I saw a post on Instagram today on Bethany Kronick’s account (4ACOILS) saying RIP to this wonderful TRESemmé range so I proceeded onto social media to enquire directly from the company if this statement was true… Aaaand it is.  Sad but it is true.




I sent a Facebook message, but got no response so I went on to their Instagram page.  They cited that “…due to low public support…” the Naturals range had been discontinued in South Africa.


They have since removed this post from their Instagram.

I felt the need to post this as I had the products recommend on one of my old posts – Go Natural Without Denting Your Pocket and now I have to remove them from the list and find other suitable candidates.

The search is on…

Will post reviews as I search and search and search again.




5 thoughts on “Goodbye my Friend

    1. These big companies will spend thousands to tell us they have amazing new products and then they won’t bother to send us a R0.35c sms when they take it off the shelves

      I’m so glad SA’cans are making their own product now


  1. Hello, I use Tresseme Flawless curls and have been using it since 2013. This product works great and moisturizes my hair better than any other product I have used. I am not sure how it compares to the Tresseme Natural but recommend that you give this one a try

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