Product Spotlight: Dr Miracles Miracle Repair Intensive Treatment

Dr Miracles Miracle Repair Treatment
I’m a fan of the Dr. Miracle’s products and since I read a great review about this 3 Step Miracle Repair Intensive Treatment, I had been on the search for it. I cannot tell you how many Clicks stores I visited just to try and find this baby.

Just when I had given up, I went to Clicks to get some painkillers, but I thought let me pay my favourite isle a visit to see what’s new or if they had any specials on my usual faves and low and behold! There it was! Sitting on the shelf! Waiting for me! To buy it!

So I grabbed it so quickly and went to pay. I was so excited that when I got home I immediately got started with my pre-shampoo step J

I barely slept for 2 reasons:

  1. Too much peppermint oil in my pre-poo lol the scent is so strong.
  2. Too excited to try the treatment pack

I woke up and headed straight to the bathroom to get started with my “Wash Day”.

P.S: My last wash was 2 weeks before this day. My hair was in 4 braids and I had a wig on most of the time because I didn’t want to be manipulating or styling every other day.

The Product Contents

  • The pack consists of 3 packets (49.7 grams each) wp-1456227064550.jpg
  • The 3 packets are clearly labelled in the order that they are supposed to be used.
  • The instructions are very easy to understand and follow on all 3 packets
  • The quantities were sufficient for my hair
  • Contains Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (I lurv me some coco oilie!)
  • Free of Sulphates, Mineral Oils, Parabens among other yucky stuff that I don’t want in my hair


Step 1: The Conditioning Shampoo (Cleanse)

This is a sulphate-free and paraben-free shampoo. It says “No Lather” on the packaging, but it lathered up SO much, so that was a bit confusing. It smelled divine, more like a conditioner actually.

It left my scalp and hair squeaky clean and I didn’t even need to use the whole packet.

I then proceeded to the next step without letting my hair dry.

Step 2: DuoCare Reconstructor (Rebuild)

This is also free of all the things that you do not want in your hair. It has a more subtle with a hint of “I contain a bit of protein” scent. You know that scent that most treatment packs have? Yeah, that scent! I don’t know how to describe it since it wasn’t sweet or floral or yummy. It just smelled like something to treat my hair.

I used the whole packet with extra product focused on my ends. These are the relaxed and oldest bits of my hair that I am yet to cut off (still psyching myself up for this).

The instructions said to leave it on for 10 minutes, but I extended it to 30 minutes since I don’t yet own a hooded dryer. After rinsing, I moved on to step 3.

Already, my hair felt stronger and more hydrated than the night before.

Step 3: The Moisturising Masque (Moisten)

This has a similar scent to the treat treatment mask in step 2. Nothing sweet or distinct about the scent. Contains Extra Coconut Oil, Shea and Olive Oil so I knew that my hair was getting the moisture that it needed.

I also kept this on for about 30 minutes, this was longer than the instructions said to.

While this was in my hair, it looked like some of the knots were melting out of my hair so I saw it as an opportunity to detangle. I started with my fingers and finished off with my wide toothed comb. This process was rather smooth and quick.

After rinsing, my hair looked shiny, I was impressed. It also felt quite strong when I was putting it into my cute 4 braids so I could wear a head wrap.


Over all, I was very impressed and happy with this product. My hair absolutely loved it and I do plan to use it again. The size is perfect to travel with, in case you need to do this while you’re on holiday or something like that. No mess of mixing products and it can fit into your hand luggage.


Would I purchase it again? Yes! Yes! Yes! 10 times yes!

Would I recommend it to someone else? Absolutely, yes.

You can get this product at some Clicks stores.



Popsie Heart




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