Go Natural Without Denting Your Pocket

The question people ask is, “Does natural hair cost more than relaxed hair?

Sure, maintaining your natural hair requires more of your time, but does it really cost more?

What I have noticed is that most people who do not have relaxed hair tend to take care of their own hair 90% of the time.  For example, I do not incur any salon costs unless I have to get braids or something that I cannot do myself.

When my hair was relaxed, my visits to the salon were almost every 3 weeks. This had labour costs and a mark-up to the products added to it.  Now that I’m natural (still transitioning) I wash my own hair.  I deep condition my own hair.  I style my own hair unless I do not have time or if I lack the skills for the style that I want. My product replacement costs are months apart too.

My initial hair products costs were just under R700. My starter kit was something like this:

R80 – Conditioner
R80 – Shampoo
R210 – Shea Butter
Olive Oil
R150 – Coconut Oil
R55 – Tea Tree Oil
R64 – Jojoba Oil
R55 – Sweet Almond Oil

TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner

This conditioner lasted me about 4 months. It comes in 750ml which is a great size for the price when comparing to other conditioners. I got mine at Dischem for around R80. It also goes on special frequently so you can get it for about R20 to R30 less so look out for their weekly specials. This is also available at Clicks.  They too have frequent specials (sales) so prices are similar to Dischem’s.

TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo

I still have the same bottle of shampoo.  I think it will last me a year since I use very little shampoo.  Just like the conditioner, this comes in 750ml so yep, value for money too.  I also got this at Dischem for around R80.  You can also get it at Clicks for usually the same price as the conditioner.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product that was already in my kitchen, but it’s so easy to find.  Most of our local grocery stores have it.  Look out for specials (sales) if you’re all for saving a buck like me.

I use this when I pre-poo and mix with coconut oil to moisturise after I’ve washed my hair.




Coconut Oil.PNGI got my Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Dischem too.  It cost me R150 for a litre.  Since I’m all for saving money, I always compare Dischem prices to online prices.  This litre lasted me a good 3 months, but I’m sure it would have lasted longer if I was not using it in my body butter concoctions.

I use this together with the olive oil for my pre-poo and mix it with olive oil to moisturise after I’ve washed my hair.


NatMoisture - Unrefined Shea Butter.PNG

I still have the same jar of Raw Shea Butter.  It’s going on 6 months now so yeah, value for money there. It’s SO rich that I do not use a lot of it.  A little goes a long way especially when mixed with coconut oil.  I couldn’t get this product at any physical store so I had to go online and I found this really cool site natmoisture.co.za where you can get raw or refined shea butter, depending on what you prefer.  I got the raw one because I also wanted to play around and make my own concoctions of body & hair butters.   When I purchased the shea butter in June 2015, a 500g jar was going for R210 but I see that now they sell 450g for R180 and they no longer have the 500g jar.  Their website also has other products and accessories that are frequently used by naturals so you might find it extremely useful.  You can order online and have the stuff delivered to you, or you can pick up your order at their premises. It is up to you.

I use she butter to lock in the moisture after I’ve washed my hair and applied my oils.


The essential oils do come in smaller quantities so they go rather quicker. As a result I’ve had to top those up more frequently, but a bottle can last me about 2 – 3 months. Dischem is my source for my Tea Tree Oil (R55 for 50ml), Jojoba Oil (R64 for 50ml) and Sweet Almond Oil (R55 for 100ml).

I add tea tree oil to my conditioner.  It makes my scalp tingle a bit so I’m convinced that it awakens my pores and stimulates growth.

The jojoba and sweet almond oil are great oils that seal in moisture. I apply them just before I add my shea butter.

This is in NO way an advert or a promotion for Dischem, but I do enjoy my trips to Dischem because it’s basically my one stop shop for most of these products.  What I cannot get from Dischem, I try to source online.

I still use all the products that I have mentioned and have since added a few more products and oils to my regime.  I have tried some homemade concoctions too. But to be honest, my hair was able to survive on that starter kit for a long time.  I was especially impressed by its ability to even flourish.  I will elaborate on my regime and mention my other newly added products in future blogs.

I didn’t include a satin/silk scarf because I already owned a few of them.  natmoisture has these at affordable prices, in different sizes and colours.  I already owned a bunch of combs, but a widethooth comb can cost as little as R15 at Dischem or Clicks.

What did your “Starter Kit” include?  
Was it similar to mine?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.






4 thoughts on “Go Natural Without Denting Your Pocket

  1. My Gray Avenue

    Tresemme also sells Curl Hydration products which do WONDERS on curly hair. I noticed the difference then first time I used it. I mainly used the shampoo, conditioner and lotion creme. It helped me fall in love with my curls. (that and learning what a diffuser was)


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