Transitioning – Hair

I do not remember the day that I “went natural”. In fact, I cannot say that I chopped off my hair or decided to go “natural”. I was very much a weave girl (I still am. I luuurrrrvvv me some good Brazilian hair) but with the constant straightening of my hair using relaxers, I realised that my hair in front was getting weaker and weaker and it just wasn’t growing as thick or as fast as I wanted it to. So I decided that I’m going to stop relaxing my hair before I cause any more damage. I kept on with my weaves, but I wouldn’t leave any hair out. I’d just get a full weave.

The problem came when I didn’t want to wear a weave. I didn’t know how to take care of my non-relaxed hair and the products that I was using were just killing my hair. Due to my hair being different textures it was difficult to manage so I would just wash it AND get a new weave. This made me feel trapped. That is also when I realised that my hair dresser also didn’t know what to do with my hair because I refused for her to cut it. Like… why you wanna cut my hair? Is it bothering you? No? Then leave it alone, please! Lol

So I had to do the research by myself and figure my own hair out. All I wanted was healthy non-chemically treated hair.

I started googling. Searching on YouTube and most of the vloggers were American. I wanted someone South African so that I would have access to the same products and similar experiences. I then found MissPeaches1000. She didn’t have a lot of videos, but after doing research I found that out of the same frustration that I was experiencing, she created her own product range for black people’s hair. You can get her earthy products on her website, they look so good and they have good reviews. I personally have not used the products because I find them quite pricey so I continued to do research.

Watching American and South African vloggers I could see common products that were being used so I started sourcing them. Everyone was referring to oils, conditioners and other similar products which were also affordable to me personally.

I am so grateful for online shopping because I was able to access so many products. I also popped into my local Dischem and I started taking care of my hair without a professional’s help. I used people’s experiences to guide me and till today I am doing that.

That’s how I ended up transitioning. As “naturals” call it.

I only learned this “transitioning” term once I started watching the vloggers. I didn’t even know that the term existed.

Today, after well over a year, I am still transitioning. I keep cutting off my relaxed ends bit by bit because I’m not ready to let them go plus they give my ‘fro a little extra length for when I want to wear a cute twist or braid out, to be honest.

I like the way my hair is growing. The more I connect with my hair (be it on wash day or when I’m doing some hairstyle) the more I get to know my hair and I love the process. I love my little curls and coils and I am surprised by how it reacts to products that I never thought were for black people.

I learned that I was kind of on the right track and now I sort of know what I’m doing.  I have my go to vloggers that I love and thanks to them and other research…

I am transitioning & I’m loving my hair


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